Our Manufacturing Solutions

We have been ISO 9001 certified since 2005, and we offer a wide assortment of Manufacturing Solutions to area and regional businesses.

Parts Washing

We offer parts washing services in order to ensure parts meet your cleaning specifications, resulting in cost and time savings for your company.

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Assembly and Sub-Assembly

We are ISO certified 9001:2015. BVI has met all of the requirements for standardization and quality assurance.

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Sorting and Inspection

Our ISO 9001:2015 certification ensures that we inspect and/or remove defective parts, as well as reworking and performing specialized paperwork requirements.

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BVI helps to build your kits with precision, excellence and 100% quality inspection.

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We specialize in specific packaging needs for your company. Parts Washing: BVI exceeds cleaning expectations and meets specifications.

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Custom Crates and Pallets

Keep your inventory protected through BVI quality crates made to your specifications.

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Bona Vista Industries is committed to excellence and personalized service to our customers. Bona Vista Industries’ mission is to deliver quality, efficient, and cost effective outsourcing options to satisfy our customers’ sub-contracting and business needs.


• Intimately know our customer’s business, goals, and operations to assist their growth and success. 

• Combine our knowledge, experience, employees, synergies, and quality standards to provide valuable, efficient solutions to customers.

• Stay committed to continuous improvement in all business areas.

Location, Location, Location!

Kokomo: your industrial hub for transport!

We are just 50 miles north of Indianapolis, which is close to a junction of four major Interstate Highways and an international airport for shipping and receiving needs.

160 Miles to Chicago

150 Miles to Cincinnati

We have The UPS Store and UPS Ship Center, FedEx Shipping Services, and the local Post Office

We also offer a range of facility and warehouse equipment to suit your Kokomo Manufactuing production needs:

  • Tow motors

  • Electric pallet jack

  • Manual pallet jacks

  • Storage racks

  • Semi-trailer loading bays

Schneider Electric

Bona Vista Industries does an excellent job for us. They are one of the best suppliers for our Peru facility, and are very easy to work with. We appreciate everything that they do for us.

Indiana Department of Administration

IDOA is pleased with Bona Vista's product quality, customer service, and commitment to the community.

AndyMark, Inc

AndyMark has worked closely with BVI since our company began in 2004. Bona Vista has been instrumental in supporting AndyMark as a supplier, as their staff has assembled and kitted many of our products. Each year, AndyMark uses items assembled or kitted by BVI in our FIRST kits

TA WeberDesignation

I am very impressed with the services and one-on-one communication that we have had with Bona Vista Industries. BVI took several of our time-consuming processes and really freed us up to focus on growing our business in other avenues. We couldn’t be happier.


ISO 9001:2015 Registered
AbilityOne Program
Ability Indiana